Josh Lucas Says Family Moved to Bali for Son's School — and Recalls Terrifying Spider Encounter

"Being on the other side of the world and looking back at this madness is amazing," actor Josh Lucas said of his new home

Josh Lucas is ensuring his son receives an environmentally conscious education — right in the middle of the jungle.

The Ford v Ferrari actor currently lives in Indonesia, where he relocated to in order to enroll his son Noah Rev, 7, in a special environmentally focused school he describes as "such a special place."

"We came across this school called Green School Bali, and Green School has this amazing tagline … to create the next generation of environmental leaders," Lucas, 48, said on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday.

"I have this very special 7-year-old child, and I think all of us are trying to figure out how to have an impact in the world, and for myself, the best thing I could do is give my son this extraordinary experience," he added. "Being on the other side of the world and looking back at this madness is amazing."

"My parents would never do anything like this," joked Jimmy Kimmel, 51.

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Josh Lucas and son Noah Maurer arrive for the 'Breakthrough' Los Angeles premiere

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According to its official website, the Green School aspires to "educate for sustainability, through community-integrated, entrepreneurial learning, in a wall-less, natural environment," adding, "Our holistic, student-guided approach inspires and empowers us to be change-makers."

Lucas, who co-parents Noah with his ex-wife Jessica Ciencin Henriquez, revealed on the show Tuesday that his son enjoys the self-sustained lifestyle located in the Southeast Asian jungles.

"He loves it. It's magical," the Sweet Home Alabama star said. "It's deeply in the jungle. It's like Swiss Family Robinson — they grow their own food, they make their own buildings out of bamboo."

But the experience has its scary parts, too. At their current rented residence in Indonesia, the family encountered a run-in with a swarm of arachnids native to the ecosystem — a terrifying experience that started with a spider the size of the father's hand that had an egg sac on its underside.

Josh Lucas attends the Premiere of FOX's "Ford V Ferrari"
Josh Lucas. Tommaso Boddi/WireImage

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And when a local friend attempted to help the actor by squashing the bug, a disturbing chain of events ensued.

"When he slapped it, the white sac exploded, and there were thousands of baby spiders scattered throughout the house — they went every single direction," Lucas recalled. "Next thing I know, I hear screaming from the other room, where my son and his mother were, and they'd wrapped themselves inside a mosquito net."

The actor then looked into their bathroom, where he noticed the "floor was moving."

"I swear this is completely true, it's like out of Planet Earth, there were scorpions, spiders, ants — I mean, everything," he said. "There was a feeding frenzy going on, and because of it, it brought the big spiders and the big scorpions out from the different crevices of this place."

After throwing bleach and boiling water around the house, they all evacuated — but they didn't turn away from their new jungle home in general, however, since locals assured Lucas the experience was "unusual."

Since the two split in January 2014 and divorced that October, Lucas and Henriquez have been open about their willingness to cooperate in raising their child together, despite their split.

"We are both totally committed to raising our son and being in love with our son," Lucas told PEOPLE in 2018. "I do believe our relationship will be constantly changing. It's a very remarkably complex period of my life and Jess' life that we're doing the best we possibly can to keep his life stable."

At the time, they were trying "bird-nest" parenting, a practice in which Noah would stay at his New York City home while his parents rotate in and out, just like nesting birds.

"The idea is, it's really not the child's fault that you got divorced," Lucas said at the time. "Rarely do both parents, particularly if they're divorced, get to have as much interaction with their children. We're really, truly doing the split-custody thing, and have been so lucky to soak up all that time with Noah."

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