Josh Gad Reveals His 'Really Sweet' Nightly Ritual with His Daughters: 'Purest Story in My Life'

Josh Gad shares daughters Isabella, 6, and Ava, 9, with wife Ida Darvish

Josh Gad
Josh Gad. Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty

Every night before Josh Gad goes to sleep, he spends some quality time with his two young daughters Isabella Eve, 6, and Ava Tanya, 9.

The Frozen voice actor, 39, opens up about their sweet nightly ritual in this week's issue of PEOPLE, admitting of his dedication to the routine, "I am superstitious."

"I always have to, before I go to bed, sneak into my girls' room and I kiss my hand and then I touch both their faces, which sounds either really sweet or really creepy," Gad, who can be seen in Disney's Artemis Fowl, jokes.

"It really is meant to be this pure sweetness," he continues. "I need that reminder of the purest story in my life, which is my two girls. And so that is something at night that I constantly do."

As for what will happen to his ritual when his daughters, whom he shares with wife Ida Darvish, go off to college, Gad jokes, "I will find my way into their dorm come hell or high water."

" 'Why is Josh Gad in our dorm right now? Get out of here, you creep.' 'I have to kiss my daughter's head,' " the actor explains of what he would say.

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Josh Gad and family. Josh Gad/Instagram

The proud father of two also talks about life as of late while social distancing with his family amid the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, explaining that it has been his job "to get up early and take the girls for a morning walk every day."

Gad hilariously shares that the task hasn't exactly been easy, as one morning he overslept. "I had stayed up too late and slept in and let's say the wife was not very happy since she has to homeschool the kids during the day. That's my one responsibility," says the Beauty and the Beast actor.

Explaining how it happened, Gad recalls, "So, I was like 'Okay, okay, okay. I'm going to do it. I'm going to do it.' Then I just started working on our next episode of Reunited Apart and the next thing I knew it was 2 o'clock in the morning."

Learning from his mistake, the star didn't sleep in the next time. "I was not prepared to deal with the consequences of not getting up in time. So I got up at 5," he tells PEOPLE. "I dragged myself downstairs, brewed a pot of coffee."

While on their morning walks, Gad shares that he and his girls play a game called I'm Going on a Bear Hunt. "So you say, 'I'm going on a bear hunt' and then you have to say what you're going to bring," Gad says, explaining that the game has given him quite a good laugh.

Josh Gad and wife
Ida Darvish and Josh Gad. Frazer Harrison/Getty

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"I changed up the rules a little bit and said, 'I'm going on a vacation' this morning because I wanted to do places. And they go, 'Well, Daddy, you can't play that.' And I said, 'Why can't we play that?' [And they said] 'Well, because of quarantine. How are we going to get to any of the places that you want to go to?' " Gad recounts.

He adds, "The other thing was my daughter, my 6-year-old, looked at me with these doe eyes and she goes, 'Daddy, for Christmas I want an American Girl doll and toilet paper.' "

The Central Park voice actor laughed off Isabella's latter request, which only made her upset.

"She's like, 'No, I really want toilet paper. I'm scared. Like, I want toilet paper.' And I'm like, 'Okay baby. Well, you don't need to use one of your Christmas wishes for toilet paper. We got your back,' " he says of his younger child's concern surrounding the scarcity of the household product amid the global health crisis.

"An American Girl doll, that's where you should put your focus,' " quips the Book of Mormon alum.

As Gad continues to show his love and adoration for his own children, he has worked to brighten some days for other kids in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, as well. In March, the comedian and actor livestreamed on Twitter to comfort his followers and their little ones by reading one of his favorite children's books.

"Since we're all stuck at home right now I figured we would have a little fun together, so I'm going to see how this goes, but I decided I'm gonna read to you and your children or just you, depending on what you prefer," Gad said. "I'm not gonna pass judgment right now since the world is a little bit of a hot mess."

“But I thought tonight, we would start with one of my favorite books about one of my favorite places that none of us can really go to, a little place called Venice, in Italy," the actor added, introducing Ian Falconer's book Olivia Goes to Venice. (The book is part of the author's Olivia series, which is written for kids under the age of 7.)

Gad went on to read, hilariously changing his voice for each character. "All right, kids, that's the first book of this little experiment. Let me know if you like this and if you enjoyed it and if this was helpful," he said when the story had reached its end.

For more from Josh Gad, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now.

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