Jordana Brewster Regrets Swearing in Front of Her Son: 'It's Really Hard to Rein It In' After the Fact

"My husband warned me about that," Jordana Brewster admits to PEOPLE about how her son Julian, 3½, has picked up some swear words from his mom

Jordana Brewster admits she has a little bit of a potty mouth — and that, like many parents can probably empathize with, it has rubbed off a little on her 3½-year-old.

Talking to PEOPLE, the Lethal Weapon star says, “If I could redo one parenting moment, I think I would never swear in front of my son Julian.”

“And my husband [producer Andrew Form] warned me about that and I was like, ‘No no no, he’s never gonna pick it up,’ but he did,” confesses Brewster, 36. “And it’s really hard to rein it in once they do pick it up, so that’s a little piece of advice I’d give.”

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Another thing the actress’s older son (she and Form, who will celebrate 10 years of marriage on May 6, also share 10-month-old Rowan) gets from his mama? Her fiery disposition.

“Julian has a massive temper,” the Zyrtec brand ambassador shares. “Rowan is very mellow so far, so he’s a lot more like my husband, whereas Julian … he gets over things really quickly, so that’s like me, but he flares up. I think that’s his Brazilian blood.”

Brewster continues, “So if he stubs his foot, he’s like, ‘Table!’ And he’ll scream at the table, but then he’s over it. But he definitely has a temper, so that’s my kid.”

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The Fast and the Furious alum jokes she has “aspirations to be a strict parent” but is “pretty whipped” by Julian, whom she admits is “a pretty spoiled kid so far” — something she’s trying to change.

Brewster does insist on one big life lesson to impart on both her children as they grow up: the importance of taking in your tangible surroundings in a society where phones and tablets rule.

“Growing up in this age where everyone’s so addicted to technology and their phones, [my fear] is that they’re completely unaware of the world around them and that they become desensitized to what’s around them,” she explains. “So I’m trying as much as I can to cultivate an awareness of everyone else.”

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