"I didn't realize I'd be such a hypochondriac as a mom. It's flu season in Texas, so I haven't taken him out that much on set," she shares.
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When it comes to her baby boy, Jordana Brewster isn’t taking any chances.

In a new interview with Wonderwall, the actress, who jokes that the birth of her first child left her suddenly much more aware of her surroundings, says there is a reason son Julian doesn’t join her as she films her hit show, Dallas.

“I didn’t realize I’d be such a hypochondriac as a mom. It’s flu season in Texas, so I haven’t taken him out that much on set,” Brewster, 33, shares.

“But we’ve been traveling back and forth a lot. He’s a really good traveler.”

Even with Brewster’s busy routine, the mother-son pair don’t spend much time apart.

“I’m on the best show because it’s an ensemble and, luckily, I don’t have to work 24/7 every day,” she says.

The flexible shooting schedule and the demands of being a working mom have shaped a new normal for the actress, who has made a habit out of heading to bed early.

“I’m such a nerd, especially now that I have a baby. I’m in bed by 9 p.m. I’m not kidding,” Brewster says. “By 7 [a.m.] when I’m getting my makeup done, I need to get the energy up. I usually need an espresso shot.”

While the new mom — who “absolutely” wants two or three more kids — admits each stage of her 5-month-old‘s life has been exciting, “now this is my favorite age, of course, because he’s responding so much.”

She adds, “He’s rolling over. He’s smiling. He’s laughing.”

As for her show, Dallas, Brewster is equally excited.

“This has been the most fun season by far. This season is a little bit darker,” she shares. “[Elena’s] just got more to grapple with.”

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— Anya Leon