The Dallas star says she feels "very ready now" to expand her family

By People Staff
Updated January 06, 2013 05:00 PM
Courtesy Latina Magazine

Jordana Brewster has babies on the brain – yes, you read that right: plural.

The Dallas star, 32, who has been married to movie producer Andrew Form since 2007, tells Latina she “definitely” wants two kids and is “enamored” by the idea of having twins.

“My dad was a twin, so it runs in the family,” she explains. “Fingers crossed. We’re thinking about having kids but I don’t know when it’ll happen. I feel very ready now.”

When the couple does eventually expand their family, the children will be raised in a loving home.

“We FaceTime all of the time,” Brewster says, of keeping the romance alive long distance. “We love that. There are times when I just say, ‘I need to see you now.’ And so we FaceTime a lot, or I surprise him and visit him or he does the same. It’s super important Couples shouldn’t be apart for too long. We’ve been married for five years now and we know how important that is because otherwise you just lose touch with each other.”

A big part of their bond has come from the way Form inspires his wife on a professional level.

“It’s so amazing to have a husband in the business who can challenge me and we can talk about his work and my work and understand each other in that way,” Brewster says. “I love getting his feedback and he likes getting mine. And of course, that has pushed me more to consider producing in the future.”

And she’s not just talking about babies!