Jordan Davis on Kicking Off His Tour and Welcoming His Son in the Same Week: 'My Wife Crushed It'

"Last night was the best night of sleep I've had since Locklan was born," Davis tells PEOPLE

jordan davis
Jordan, Locklan, Kristen and Eloise Davis. Photo: Katelyn Brown   

Jordan Davis is the first to admit that his timing can be terrible, especially when it comes to making babies. Because — once again — the country singer found himself not only kicking off a new tour this September, but also welcoming a brand-new baby during the very same week.

"I'll blame it on hunting season," Davis, 33, tells PEOPLE in a recent backstage interview in Chicago, mumbling something about "conceiving babies" and "staying warm" during the winter months amidst a barrage of laughter. "[My daughter] Eloise was born in the fall, right around the same time as my first tour. I don't know what to say!"

Indeed, on Sept. 2, the Louisiana native found himself not on a stage preparing for his own headlining Buy Dirt Tour, but in a doctor's office alongside his wife Kristen, an attorney, secretly praying that their second child was going to arrive on the due date as planned.

"The doctor said, 'Hey, this baby is nowhere near coming out,'" remembers Davis, who's been on a country music hit streak courtesy of songs such as "Almost Maybes," "Singles You Up," and "Slow Dance in a Parking Lot." "And I was like, 'Well, that's not good. We need to speed this up.'"

jordan davis
Jordan, Locklan and Eloise Davis. Katelyn Brown   

With the Labor Day weekend coming up, the couple was told that the earliest an induction could take place was on Sept. 7, just two days before Davis was set to be in Minneapolis to kick off his tour. Feeling helpless, the two went home to figure out what to do next.

But then, they got an email.

"It was like 9:30 at night and my wife had gone to bed, but then she checked her email, and they were like, 'OK, you need to be at the hospital at 4:30 a.m.,'" recalls the multi-platinum country star. "It was go-time."

And on Sept. 4, little Locklan Joseph arrived.

"My wife crushed it," boasts Davis, who is also currently out on Kane Brown's Blessed and Free Tour. "No major hiccups and we had a healthy baby and a healthy mama and all is well."

jordan davis
Eloise, Jordan, Locklan and Kristen Davis. Katelyn Brown   

This birth had a totally different feel however, considering that their first child was delivered via emergency c-section. Therefore, the mood in the birthing suite was a little more jovial for the arrival of little Locklan, whose name was inspired by Davis and Kristen's very own love story.

"The first house we had was in a neighborhood called Lockeland Springs, Tennessee," recalls Davis. "It was the first place me and my wife moved into. And while we've since left that neighborhood, we still go to a church there called The Church at Lockeland Springs. So, I've always loved a version of that name."

The family got to bring Locklan home on Sept. 6, and Davis left for Minneapolis for the first show of his Buy Dirt Tour on the morning of Sept. 9.

"You know, it's just part of the job," Davis explains. "To anybody out there thinking that you're going to come out and play music and make a living on the road and not miss a few things back at the house, I'm here to tell you that ain't how it works. You might as well get used to it."

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And thankfully, being out on tour does allow Davis to catch up on some much-deserved sleep.

"Last night was the best night of sleep I've had since Locklan was born," Davis notes. "Granted, it was in the back of a bus going 70 miles an hour down the road! So that tells you how nicely things are going at our house with two children."

Lack of sleep aside, things at home have been going as smoothly as they can despite Davis' weekly absences, with big sister Eloise Larkin seemingly shining in her new role.

"She's transitioning into becoming the big sister," says Davis of his daughter who was born in November 2019. "I think she's handling it great. She's missing some of the attention that she was used to getting, but she's sweet to Locklan and gives him hugs and kisses."

Becoming a family of four has, in many ways, changed everything for Davis, including the way he looks at songs such as his current heart-tugger of a single "Buy Dirt," which recently gave Davis his first CMA nomination for musical event of the year on the upcoming 55th Annual CMA Awards.

"If I'm not a parent, I don't know if I write 'Buy Dirt,'" concludes Davis, who recently unveiled the acoustic version of the song featuring country superstar Luke Bryan. "When I wrote that, it was with three other guys [Jacob Davis, Josh Jenkins and Matt Jenkins] who are dads. And we have all seen what it's like to go from having your own selfish goals to having a kid who is solely dependent on you. Everything outside of that… you could care less. And it happens overnight! To me, 'Buy Dirt' is about finding those things that make you want to get up and do whatever it is you're doing to provide for your family."

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