Jordan Davis Is 'Pretty Stoked' for His Son on the Way — Even Though He Forgot to Share the News

The country singer-songwriter has a new EP, Buy Dirt, out now, while latest single "Almost Maybes" climbs the charts

Jordan Davis was loving life. Not only are he and his wife Kristen expecting their second child this fall, but they had also just found out they were having a boy.

There was just one problem — he had completely blanked on sharing the pregnancy news in the first place.

"I kind of forgot," the multi-platinum country star tells PEOPLE with a laugh. "My wife came downstairs one morning, and she was like, 'Hey, are you going to tell anybody that I'm pregnant?' And I was like, 'You know what? We should probably do that.' I mean, September is not that far away."

And so, Davis quickly headed to Instagram to share both bits of happy news with the "Almost Maybes" hitmaker's growing legion of fans. A family photo shows the couple holding their 18-month-old daughter Eloise Larkin alongside a sign that reads "It's a Boy."

Davis says the actual sex reveal was just as low-key.

"We did a little reveal at the house with me, Kristen and Eloise," explains the 33-year-old from Louisiana, who recently released his new EP Buy Dirt. "We had a present wrapped up that was either going to be something for a girl or a boy. And it was a boy present. I was pretty stoked."

Jordan Davis
Jordan Davis. Eric Ryan Anderson

Davis thinks daughter Eloise may have the biggest learning curve ahead of her.

"She's good at wearing big sister shirts, but I don't think she quite understands," says Davis, who released his gold-certified debut album, Home State, in 2018, which featured three consecutive No. 1 hits: "Slow Dance in a Parking Lot," "Singles You Up" and "Take It from Me." "It's going to be a bit of a transition for her. We've been trying to read books to her about becoming a big sister, but she cares more about looking at the pictures than really listening to what's going on."

Thus far, Davis says Kristen — an attorney — has been feeling good, and the doting dad has enjoyed the chance to be home with his girls during this special time.

"It's been better than I could ever ask for," says Davis, who found himself mostly off the road last year due to COVID restrictions. "Obviously, this whole thing with the pandemic has been extremely unfortunate, but the silver lining of it for me has been getting to watch Eloise grow up. It's been really cool to make so many family moments out of some really tough times."

jordan davis
Jordan Davis. Robert Morley

But come this fall, Davis will find himself returning to the road and to the fans he admits to having missed so much as part of Kane Brown's Blessed and Free tour.

"I don't think I've realized how much I would miss the road and our live shows," explains Davis, who collaborated in 2019 with pop singer Julia Michaels on "Cool Anymore." "Early on, we were all excited to have a little bit of a break, but now, me and the band just started rehearsing and gearing back up. From the first song, it was like we could've left right there and gone and played a show. We're counting down the days till we get back out there."

So, will the tour bus be baby-equipped?

"Oh gosh, I really haven't put that on the to-do list yet," he admits. "I don't think Kristen is going to want to leave the house with a 20-month-old and a baby this year. So, it looks like I'm going to be doing a lot of flying in, playing the shows and then racing back to Nashville."

Of course, Davis may need a few more tour buses before he's done growing their family.

"If it was up to Kristen, we would have our very own soccer team," Davis says when asked about having more children in the future. "I think we will definitely have more than two. Everybody says have a couple, and then reevaluate."

He added, laughing, "We will soon see!"

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