March 25, 2012 11:00 AM

Courtesy Joovy

Remember Joovy‘s Groove Stroller, last seen in 2009?

Well, it has been redesigned and now packs lots of new features and a super smooth ride.

Check out our review of the upgraded version ($200) below.

Things We Like: Suitable for babies 3 months and up, this umbrella stroller can last until your child hits 55 lbs. It also sports wide seats and a high seat back so tall children will easily fit, especially with the generously sized sun canopy.

Another great improvement is an automatic lock added to the fold. Plus, the aluminum frame also makes it sturdier, so if you load it down with shopping bags, it doesn’t tip easily.

And although it only comes with one fabric set now (it used to come with two sets), it’s available in four cool colors (blueberry, orangie, greenie and black).

Things We Didn’t Like: At around 17 pounds, it’s a little heavy for subway or travel use and it’s awkward to carry up and down steps.

Moms & Babies Rating: This is an umbrella stroller with tons of great features for everyday use, without the huge price tag.

— Nancy Johnson Horn

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