Joovy Groove Umbrella Stroller: Two Looks for One Stroller

The Joovy Groove Stroller (MSRP $299)is an umbrella stroller with a twist. It comes with two seats and sun canopies, so you can change up the look just by switching the seats and canopies. It weighs 16 lbs and will hold a child up to 55 lbs.

Features include a terrific sun canopy, generous seat width and depth, plus reflective accents on the exterior and shoulder straps. It’s suitable for babies 6 months and up (a headhugger is included). It comes in green, pink or blue, each with a black seat and canopy. There is also a side by side double stroller version of it, called the Groove2.

Putting it Together
The stroller comes with all four wheels attached. Just attach the sun canopy. You can either use the colored seat and sun canopy it comes with, or use the included black seat and canopy.

The Ride
The Groove, at 16 lbs, pushes nicely and has decent suspension. The wheels are plastic and the lightweight frame is made of aluminum.

The Seat
The seat has enough room for older children (the weight limit is 55 lbs). The seat has four positions and is suggested for children over 6 months old. The headhugger insert can easily be removed if your child doesn’t need it. The leg support on the bottom of the seat can adjust to either a horizontal position or straight down. The removable seat pad is black; one side is fleece and the other side is a moisture-wicking fabric for warmer weather. Attaching the seats will take you around 12 steps, with threading the straps through fabric, but is pretty easy to get the hang of.

The storage basket is a good size and best accessed from the back of the stroller. It will hold 5 pounds. The Groove also has a large storage pocket on the back of the canopy with two mesh cupholders, that are perfect for water bottles, sippies and small cups of coffee. Like any umbrella stroller, if you hang too much off the handles, it will tip.

Sun/Weather Exposure
The sun canopy is a large size and protected my child from the elements. A rain cover is included.

The Fold
The Groove has a typical umbrella fold. To fold: Pull up the lock in the rear center of the stroller. Then push down forcefully on the secondary lock on the right side of the stroller. Then push forward using the handlebars until the stroller is completely folded. You have the option to manually lock the stroller for car or home storage.

Accessories Available
Standard accessories are a reversible all-season seat pad, storage bag, rain cover, additional seat, additional harness, additional canopy, and additional shoulder harness covers.

Pros: You will love the Groove if you are looking for a lightweight umbrella stroller with a generous sun canopy and a deep seat. The two seat skins and canopies, isn’t just for mixing up the look — they can be very helpful if you get one skin dirty. Just put on a new seat and canopy, while you clean the other one.

Cons: Not for rough terrain or jogging. Would have liked the folding lock to be automatic (not manual).

Final Verdict: It’s rare to find an umbrella stroller with a full-coverage sun canopy, extendable leg support, deep seats and high child weight limit. The two completely separate looks for the same stroller is a definite plus.

— Nancy

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