By peoplestaff225
Updated January 19, 2009 06:00 PM

If you’ve ever found yourself worrying about whether your child’s beloved doll or toy came at the expense of someone else’s health or well-being, then you probably already know about fair trade. But if you don’t know about fair trade, you should. Why? Because by buying goods that are produced fairly, you not only ensure that the people who made them were paid a fair wage, you also offer them ongoing financial stability and an increasingly important role in international trade. Fair Indigo is a Wisconsin-based company bringing beautiful fair trade clothing and apparel to the United States, and now they’ve expanded their baby and gifts repertoire with Joobles ($29).

Handmade fairly in Peru, these adorable stuffed dolls are sure to bring a smile to the face of your little one — and peace of mind for you, as they’re made with organic cotton and eco-friendly dyes. There are nine Joobles to choose from, including Calley the Cat, Jiffy the Giraffe and Mooey Cow. Some of the Joobles even have coordinating cardigans ($69) and hat/mitten sets ($39) for baby, also in organic cotton. Need more? Joobles offer a low carbon footprint because they come from an ‘integrated’ facility, where the cotton is grown and the sewing is done at the same location.

If for some unforeseen reason your Jooble doesn’t meet your expectations, it — and any other Fair Indigo product — is backed by an unconditional guarantee. You can get an exchange or a purchase price refund at any time, for any reason. A Jooble makes a great gift for a toddler, and pairing it with a sweater or the hat/mitten set makes an even better new baby gift. The best gift of all is knowing that you’ve done a part, however small, towards restoring equality in the global economy.

— Missy