Us Weekly has a photo of Jon Stewart, wife Tracey Lynn, and their kids Nathan, 2, and Maggie, 7 months, in Battery Park, in New York City. Tracey is wearing Maggie in a Hug-a-bub, in berry/hazelnut. Hug-a-bub is a wrap from Australia. You can buy it in the US at ($85).

Wraps are a great way to wear your baby on your torso because they distribute their weight evenly. This 100% cotton wrap is stretchy, supportive and has a contrasting pocket. Hug-a-bubs include an instructional DVD to show you how to carry your baby in different positions.

I’ve found it to be one of the best ways to carry Anya because instead of her being dead weight hanging off of me, she is attached to my body and carrying her feels like being pregnant- heavier but not like carrying a heavy bag.

Do you wear your baby in a wrap? If so, what kind?

For more info about babywearing, visit the excellent

Maggie’s toy is a HABA pacifier clip.

Photo: US Weekly