Jon Stewart Marvels at the Differences Between Boys and Girls

For Jon Stewart, life with a son — 4 ½-year-old Nathan Thomas — and a daughter — 3-year-old Maggie Rose — has been nothing if not predictable. “My children are like 1950’s gender stereotypical,” he said during a recent appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman. “With [Nate], everything is a gun, and [Maggie] just wants to play princess.” The 46-year-old Daily Show host and wife Tracey have “tried desperately” to reverse the roles the kids have assumed — but without success. Recalls Jon,

“One day, I said ‘Maggie, you are going to play superheroes and Nate, here’s a baby doll.’ And I turn around and the Incredible Hulk has an apron on. Meanwhile Nate, baby man, is gouging out the doll’s eyes.”

Maggie’s love of all things girly-girl even extends to makeup. “In the morning, she’s [potty] training, and she’ll say ‘Daddy I need privacy,'” Jon explains. His daughter then uses that private time to apply some lipstick, however, and her technique needs some work! “She does not have the motor skills…So bless her heart, we leave in the morning to go to school and I feel like I’m on a date with a miniature, aging French hooker,” Jon joked.

Meanwhile Nate has been busy perfecting his “taunting” skills! Jon shared that he recently suffered through a nasty stomach flu that required an overnight stay in the hospital, and he had an even ruder awakening waiting for him at home!

“I was just getting changed and I hear this rustling and he’s [behind me], just leaning against the door like this [rocks back and forth, arms crossed]. And he goes, ‘Diarrhea.’ I couldn’t even believe it. I literally was like, ‘Oh my God, this kid is going to take my lunch money…What am I gonna do? I’ve gotta get out of this closet!'”

Source: Late Show with David Letterman

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