by auditioning contributor Jacqueline

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and kids Zahara and Maddox are in New York City for her The Good Shepherd press junket, but made time for a little holiday shopping at Lee’s Art Shop in midtown Manhattan.

Lee’s bills itself as “The Art Store of the Stars” and has recently opened an in-store toy store with merchandise described as, "the most creative toys for the gifted youngster. Find a full supply of creative and educational toys and puzzles that stimulate children mentally and physically. You’ll help your child develop an interest in color and design. Help children see the world in a different light in this exciting and stimulating environment for the whole family.” (Looks like Maddox won’t be getting a Gameboy in his stocking anytime soon!)

Danielle adds: Lee’s is a really cool store. They used to be more art supply- focused by since renovating and expanding a few years ago, they have tons of crafts and toys and gift items for adults. It’s one of those stores that you can lose an hour or two in.

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