Johnny Depp on being a movie star papa

Johnny Depp recently spoke with FOX All Access about being a movie star dad.

He said his kids have seen the first Pirates of the Carribean movie "a zillion times" and were into "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" for a while but his son is now into "Spider-Man." He’s not jealous of Spidey (aka Tobey Maguire) though. Johnny said, "They gotta branch out, you know? They gotta explore other worlds.

As most celebrity parents have said, Johnny’s kids don’t think it’s that unusual that he’s in movies, let alone the hero of the movie. Johnny said, "To them… it’s normal, it’s all they’ve everknown is seeing Papa on television, you know, or on a DVD cover… it’s not weird to them at all. They can go from… watching the movie to the dinner table–watching one of my movies tothe dinner table and not mention the film at all." Sometimes though, they’ll ask about something in a movie, like a line or for him to do a voice, and then go back to whatever they were doing before.

Source: FOX All Access

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