October 28, 2015 09:45 PM

Johnny Damon is used to competition.

He has won the World Series twice. He nearly made it to the end of Celebrity Apprentice. He was even part of PEOPLE’s 2004 Sexiest Men Alive package.

But the former major league player, 41, has met his match in his personal life. Damon and his wife Michelle have five girls under the age of 9: Devon Rose, 8½, Danica, 7, twins Dasha and Daliah, 3, and Dreanna Michelle, 7 months.

And that’s not all: Damon has another set of twins — a boy and a girl — from a previous marriage.

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Hanging with PEOPLE at the opening of NBC Sports Grill & Brew at Universal Orlando’s CityWalk district, Damon talked about the rewards of living in a house with a bunch of little girls.

“It can be tough,” Damon tells PEOPLE with a laugh, “I’m definitely outnumbered by the girls and Michelle. But, you know, there are some real upsides to it, too. I know that whenever I need a hug, I have a lot of people who I can ask for one!”

“I’m really enjoying this time of my life,” he continues. “I was blessed to play baseball at a time when salaries were skyrocketing, so I have a lot of time now to hang out with my girls. We fish, we boat, we all spend a lot of time together. All of my girls are very special to me; I love being their dad.”

And for those who are wondering, the former Kansas City Royal thinks that his team has a good chance of beating the Mets in this year’s World Series. “The Mets have a great pitching staff,” he says, “but there’s a ‘never say die’ attitude in Kansas City, so I think they have a really great shot.”

So does anything compare to winning the World Series? “I know the right answer is that the birth of my children compares to it,” he jokes. “But I have seven kids; I only won two World Series! Okay, but seriously, it’s having the kids first, the World Series second, and then all the other stuff comes after that.”

— Steve Helling

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