John Malkovich on Hindsight and Teenagers

Marc Susset-Lacroix/Getty

As a new father, Emmy Award-winning actor John Malkovich made the difficult decision to step away from the stage and focus his career solely on television and film because the work schedule was more family-friendly. "I couldn’t be a good father and a theater actor," he explains. "I would have been absent too often." Now that 18-year-old Amandine, whom he calls ‘Beauty,’ and 16-year-old Lowey, whom he calls ‘Little Man,’ have entered their formative years, John has returned to the stage. It’s a decision the 54-year-old is unapologetic for, telling The Independent he refuses to "live in the past" because "you can’t go back."

"When I was younger I did have more regret, more guilt, more shame. I mean, I’m a father. You always feel like there is one thing more that you should have said or should have done or been. When they get to be teenagers you realize that there is nothing you could have done."

Amandine and Lowey are John’s children with longtime partner Nicoletta Peyran. His latest film, Burn After Reading, is in theaters now.

Source: The Independent

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