"It's been fun to see your kids and how they respond and take direction," the singer-actor tells PEOPLE

By Christina Dugan
October 28, 2016 04:15 PM

On top of coaching soccer and selling out arenas, Joey McIntyre is producing his own show … that stars him, his wife and their children!

“It’s been fun to see my kids and how they respond and take direction,” McIntyre, 43, tells PEOPLE of Griffin, 8, Rhys, 6, and Kira, 5, his children with wife Barrett Williams.

“But, they’re moving on. When’s their next play date? It’s been fun, exciting, stressful at times trying to figure out whether it was right for the kids.”

The Joey Mac Project, which will premiere Spring 2017, is a scripted comedy series that stars McIntyre as himself in a journey to reignite his showbiz career that eventually lands him a gig as a talk show host at a cable network.

Between soccer games, ballet classes, school, play dates and filming, McIntyre and Williams are handling the whole parenting thing like pros.

“I think for us, as they get older, they have more schedules,” the New Kids on the Block singer reveals. “This fall was so different because everybody has their own taste and desires. It’s like, how are we going to get it in!? But you can’t be a slave to it, you’ve also got to do what’s right for the family and remember that you’ve got to keep it simple.”

Though the actor-singer loves his different relationships with each of his kids, his only daughter, Kira, has stolen his heart.

“All those cliché’s — ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ — you hate to say it, but it’s just different,” he says. “When your daughter says, ‘You’re the best daddy’ or she comes in in the morning and she gives you a hug and it’s just me and her in bed before I have to go downstairs, it’s doesn’t get any better. That’s the gift of having a little girl — if you don’t totally mess it up, your daughter is going to think you’re the sun, the moon and the stars.”

The Joey Mac Project will premiere in Spring 2017 on Pop, also home to the nostalgia-inspired series Hollywood Darlings starring Jodie Sweetin, Beverley Mitchell and Christine Lakin.