March 26, 2010 03:00 PM

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With the arrival of daughter Liberty Grace earlier this month, Joey Lawrence has his hands full — of girls!

Between newborn Libby, big sister Charleston, 3 ½, and wife Chandie, the actor tells Pregnancy that he’s been able to glean “amazing insight into what makes women women.”

“You don’t know that much when they’re 15 or 20 or 25,” jokes Joey. “But being able to see one grow up from birth is really amazing. Girls are incredibly intuitive and sensitive.”

Of course, it helps that the actor is a great dad to begin with.

“I couldn’t imagine a man more suited! He’s so sensitive, caring, understanding and patient,” raves Chandie of her husband.

“We’ve known each other since we were 16, and I’ve gotten to see him grow up, as he has me. And to now see him with his daughters — it’s amazing.”

It’s also quite the job! “It’s so much work! It’s incredible how much work it is,” notes Joey. “It’s the most rewarding thing you could ever do, but it never ends!”

“My best friend told me, ‘Parenting is the hardest job you’ll ever love,'” Chandie adds.

Click below to learn all about Liberty Lawrence’s new nursery, courtesy of the woman who put it together!

Courtesy Pregnancy

“Working with Joey and Chandie has been so much fun,” planner Natalie Klein of Hot Moms Club tells PEOPLE’s Moms & Babies. “They wanted a nursery that was simply sweet — a place they could feel serene in the midst of caring for a new baby and juggling activities with Charli.”

Courtesy Pregnancy

Natalie’s Top Tips

1) Preparing a nursery can be overwhelming, so Klein suggests nailing down a budget first, then looking online for ideas. Once you know what you want, seek out the best deals, including furniture that will grow with your child. For example, choose a crib that converts to a ­toddler bed and a dresser with an added changing top — both are convenient and economical. For Liberty’s nursery, the Lawrences chose the Gia Collection Crib by Sorelle.

Courtesy Pregnancy

2) After you’ve researched some ideas, pick a general color scheme using a few shades and an accent color. If you find linens you love, buy the set and create the room around them. “Chandie fell in love with Carter’s Butterfly Flowers bedding,” explains Klein. “From there, the ideas just flew into place.”

Courtesy Pregnancy

3) Don’t forget presents for dad and big sister! Joey and Charli loved their unique scrubs to help welcome baby Libby. Joey received Daddy Scrubs while Charli was gifted a set from Princess Linens. Charli is also excited to share Chicco’s brand new Cortina Stroller with her little sister.

Courtesy Pregnancy

To find out what other must-have items are in the Lawrence’s nursery, check out the April issue of Pregnancy, on newsstands now.

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