After the January birth of their daughter, Kloey Alexandra, they felt a sense of déjà vu. "It was like starting over again," says Fatone, 33. "Diapers, midnight feedings, all that. We hadn't done it in nine years."

By peoplestaff225
July 02, 2010 04:00 PM

It’s back to square one for Joey Fatone and his wife, Kelly.

After the January birth of their second daughter, Kloey Alexandra, they felt a sense of déjà vu.

“It was like starting over again,” says Joey, 33. “Diapers, midnight feedings, all that. We hadn’t done it in nine years.”

The Fatones have quickly found their rhythm in taking care of a newborn. They don’t employ a nanny, instead taking turns as they care for Kloey, now 5 months old.

“I won’t say it’s always easy,” says Kelly, “but we’re making it work. It’s amazing how we remember how to do things.”

“Yeah,” interjects Joey. “It’s cool having a baby around the house. Sometimes, Kelly will be like, ‘Okay, you’re watching the kids. I’m going out with the girls on Friday night.’ And you know, that’s okay. It’s hard to be with a baby 24/7, and everyone needs a break sometimes.”

And now they have some extra help: big sister Briahna Joely, 9, is a pro at baby care.

“Briahna really is good with Kloey,” says Kelly. “She can play with her and distract her, and she really likes to do it. I was afraid of jealousy, but they’re really good together.”

Kloey doesn’t have a room of her own, instead sleeping in Joey and Kelly’s master bedroom. They had planned to create a whimsical nursery, but they’ve put their 8,300-square foot home on the market.

“I could live in this house forever,” says Joey, “but then I’d have to work forever. We need to downsize, to get something a little more reasonable.”

Fatone has kept a busy schedule: he released a single, Radio, on iTunes earlier this year. He’s starring in The Producers in Pittsburgh. And there are the TV guest spots.

“I did Hannah Montana last year,” he says. “And I did an episode of The Imagination Movers. When you have kids, you just want to do kids’ entertainment. It makes you really cool at home!”

One thing the family has ruled out: more children. It was a challenging pregnancy for Kelly — requiring total bed rest — and the Fatones aren’t willing to go through it again. “This shop is closed for business,” Kelly laughs. “No more babies!”

“Really, I have two kids already,” adds Joey. “I’ve got everything I need. I’m a happy man.”

— Steve Helling