Jodie Foster talks more about raising sons

Whether its developing the ability to take a punch in the heat of a massive meltdown (without melting down, yourself!) or the ability to run down fly balls in the backyard for hours on end, being a mom to two boys is not for the faint of heart. But those occupational hazards of motherhood are nothing new to Jodie Foster, herself mom to sons Charles, 9 ½, and Kit, 6. The 45-year-old actress tells Parade that despite the seemingly endless parade of boo-boos and hurt feelings during toddlerhood, a sense of normalcy did eventually return to her house as her boys matured — leading her to even proclaim that "boys are easy."

I mean, there are just a lot of bruises when they’re young. With boys, you get a lot of accidental jabs in the eye and stepping on your feet, and those tantrums they cause when they don’t want to leave the toy store.

But my boys are getting older now. They go to school all day, and then one wants to do T-ball and the other wants to do karate, so they’re actually gone until four-thirty. I want them to have curiosity about things they don’t know, and a desire to see places bigger than where they grew up.

To read the remainder of Jodie’s interview, pick up the March 16 issue of Parade.

Source: Parade

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