Jodie Foster: A little bit of chaos can be good

Jodie Foster admits that while she is an Academy Award-winning actress, she doesn't let her celebrity status affect her parenting style to sons Charles, 9 ½, and Kit, 6. She makes sure that her kids have chores to do and a strict bedtime.

Celebrities are just like any other parent when it comes to worrying about their children and having moments where they feel like the worst mom or dad in the world. That is no different for the 45-year-old actress, who admits to feeling awful when she fed a nine-month-old Kit strawberries, and he proceeded to become sick.

In a new interview with Family Circle, Jodie discusses her parenting style to her sons and her most embarrassing moment at a parent. Click below to read.

When you were working in Australia, Charles and Kit often visited the set. Did they become friends with your young costar, Abigail [Breslin]?

She's girl, so that slowed things down a bit at their age!  But they did play with Nim's pets in the movie — the sea lion and the iguana.

How do you keep them from getting spoiled while they're experiencing such unique things?

They don't live that high on the hog!  I like routine and discipline; fortunately the boys respond well to it.

What are your house rules?

Bedtime is 7:30 p.m.  They also help clean the house; we have a chore list where I check off their completed duties.

On a random Sunday afternoon, what's the family up to?

We're probably at home watching a movie.  I think I've seen The Lion King 500 times — no joke!  It's well written, beautifully animated and emphasizes the importance of family.

What's your favorite family vacation?

I read about Iceland in the newspaper and was blown away by its beauty and adventure.  I decided to take my kids there last summer.  We hiked up a glacier, rode in a snowmobile and hung out in the lava fields with bubbling geysers.  My city boys have never seen anything like it!

Can you remember a time when one of them embarrassed you?

When Charles was young I made him leave a toy store.  He was so mad that he started screaming and hitting me in front of everyone.  Then he spit in my face!  I was mortified.

Now that he and Kit are older, how do you try to be a cool parent?

I educate them about other cultures and ways of life.  We celebrate all of the holidays:  Chinese New Year, Kwanzaa … just name a holiday and we commemorate!

What's the biggest lesson your kids have taught you?

That sometimes a little bit of chaos can be good.

Source: Family Circle, April 1st issue, pg. 124

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