Jodie Foster talks about embracing individuality

The notion of parents expecting their children to grow up to become mirror images of their own adult selves — pursuing similar careers and planting roots in the same hometown –is quickly becoming antiquated. Jodie Foster says that, for her, being a modern mom is "not needing to have your kids’ interests [match your own]." It also means,

Being able to recognize that they have other interests and other talents. Being a great fan of theirs and really respecting the fact that they’re different than you are. That’s definitely a big change from my parents’ generation. 

Although she is an Academy Award-winning actress, Jodie doesn’t hesitate in telling that her sons Charles, 9 ½, and Kit, 6, are her "greatest life achievement." Her new project Nim’s Island — which she describes as a "great girls’ empowerment movie" — is particularly special for the 45-year-old, for it brings both career and family together for the first time.

Finally I get to do kids’ movies…It’s great for me because I get to do something that has more comedy to it, that’s lighter. It’s something my kids can see–they can come on the set.

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