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Updated February 13, 2010 08:00 AM

And he’s off … almost! Despite her son showing promise when it comes to taking his first steps, Jo Dee Messina tells OK! that Noah Roger, 13 months this week, knows his best bet is still crawling. “He will put his hand on stuff and take a few steps,” she shares.

Hitting all of his milestones right on target, the country crooner says Noah is doing a lot more these days than sucking on his snacks, thanks to his new set of chompers!

“He’s got his two bottom teeth and his two top teeth, so he can take a bit off of the graham crackers,” she explains.

But baby boy’s greatest trait? His stellar smile, raves the proud first-time mom. “He laughs all the time,” Jo Dee says.

Noah is Jo Dee’s son with husband Chris Deffenbaugh, whom she wed in Oct. 2007.

Source: OK!

— Anya