"My mother's like, 'Another flower!' and [I said], 'No, no wait! It's a color!'"
Poppy Montgomery Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Lloyd Bishop/NBC

Poppy Montgomery certainly followed family tradition when she welcomed daughter Violet Grace in April, but the actress admits it was a complete accident.

Despite joining a long line of flower names — Montgomery’s sisters are Rosie Thorn, Daisy Yellow, Marigold Sun and Lily Belle — the baby girl was actually named for her paternal grandmother.

“I didn’t realize Violet was a flower when I named her. It was so odd!” the Unforgettable star said during a recent appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. “It’s my boyfriend [Shawn Sanford]’s grandmother’s name and I was like, ‘Violet! I like Violet.'”

But, shortly after deciding on her daughter’s name, Montgomery’s mom celebrated the unexpected news.

“My mother’s like, ‘Another flower!’ and [I said], ‘No, no wait! It’s a color!'” she recalls.

While she mistakenly chose a floral moniker for her baby girl, Montgomery, 38, is still counting her blessings when it comes to her own name.

“I was almost named Pansy and that is not fun,” she shares, prompting new dad Jimmy Fallon to quip, “That was my nickname in high school.”

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— Anya Leon