"I got a truck -- that was a big thing for me. I mean, don't I look like a truck driver?" he jokes to PEOPLE
Jimmy Fallon Talks Fatherhood


It’s hard to imagine how Franny Fallon‘s first word will be Dada when she’s surrounded by so many women.

Jimmy Fallon — the Tonight Show host and author of Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada — lives in a female-heavy household. Fallon, 40, and his wife Nancy, 48, welcomed daughter Winnie Rose in July 2013 and added daughter Frances Cole to their brood in December 2014.

Contributing to all the estrogen in the home is the Fallon family’s golden retriever, a girl named Gary Frick.

“I need a man cave,” Fallon tells PEOPLE. “I got a truck — that was a big thing for me. I mean, don’t I look like a truck driver?”

The truck, which Fallon describes as “bigger than my first apartment in New York City,” is only partly the man cave on wheels that he envisioned it would be. “I have the backseats with two baby seats,” Fallon says.

“The front of the truck is masculine, yeah, but … the back is a playroom,” complete with Curious George toys for his daughters.

However, the doting dad is perfectly happy with the trade-off of raising his two little girls and losing some of the masculinity of his truck. “Being a father is the most exciting, amazing thing that ever happened to me,” he told PEOPLE in 2014. “I never knew I could be this happy, and that’s the truth.”

But he and his wife had to travel a long road before they could experience this parental bliss. “Nancy and I tried for a while … it wasn’t easy and just wasn’t in the cards for us, but it was tough,” Fallon remembers. “We got a surrogate who was just awesome.”

The surrogate carried both Winnie, whose first word was Mama, and Franny, who faces just a bit of pressure to grant Fallon a win with her first word.

Jimmy Fallon kids book Dada

Courtesy Jimmy Fallon

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— Emily Zauzmer