Despite having two "totally different" personalities, Jimmy Fallon tells PEOPLE that Frances, 4½, and Winnie, 6, are teaming up on their Halloween costumes

By Charlotte Triggs and Jen Juneau
October 09, 2019 10:40 AM
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It’s going to be a whole new world for Jimmy Fallon‘s girls this Halloween!

The Tonight Show host opens up in this week’s issue about his newest children’s book This Is Baby and being a dad, revealing that daughters Frances Cole, 4½, and Winnie Rose, 6, have already chosen their costumes’ theme for the upcoming trick-or-treating holiday.

“Halloween’s going to be all Aladdin,” says Fallon, 45. “The little one’s going to be Prince Ali and the other one is going to be Jasmine. And they have the magic carpet! We already got that.”

“My wife [Nancy Juvonen] usually makes the costumes every year just so they’re just a little bit different than all the other kids at school,” he adds. “So she’s been working on that for the last two months.”

Fallon says his girls are “obsessed” with the 1992 animated version, the newer live-action film and the Broadway musical, joking of their current home life, “Poor Alexa, I think she’s getting the worst of it. It’s like, ‘Alexa, play Aladdin, “Friend Like Me” ‘ … Then it’s like, ‘Go to sleep.’ ”

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The father of two says Winnie and Frances “love candy” and attend “Halloween parties where they have little places you can trick-or-treat” since it’s “a little harder” to go the traditional door-to-door route in New York City.

But they’re not over-indulgent when it comes to the seasonal sugary treat. “They have a couple candies and they’re good with it,” Fallon tells PEOPLE. “At this age, they’re still little, so we can just take their bags of candy and divvy them out whenever they’re ready to have a candy.”

“We don’t really go crazy,” he adds. “We won’t tell them, ‘No, no, no.’ Also, we don’t let them eat until they get sick, either. But they love candy. They love seeing it and they’re like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ They have their favorites.”

Fallon jokes that he doesn’t usually steal the girls’ goodies since “I eat so much junk around the office,” but Frances and Winnie still “share with” their dad. “They’re good kids,” he says proudly.

This Is Baby by Jimmy Fallon

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The Saturday Night Live alum tells PEOPLE that his daughters are “totally different human beings” when it comes to their personalities — and unlike some siblings, Frances and Winnie strive to be individuals instead of mimicking each other exactly.

Credit: Jimmy Fallon/Instagram

Highlighting an example of the young sisters’ dynamic, Fallon shares, “They almost make a point of it: ‘I like “A Whole New World.” ‘ ‘I like “Friend Like Me.” That’s my favorite song.’ They both love both songs, but they want to be a little different.”

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