"The other dads were cool, so I had to be cool," Jimmy Fallon recalled Wednesday of handling his emotions after dropping daughter Winnie at kindergarten

Jimmy Fallon is normally all about the laughs, but he had a few waterworks going this week — for a super relatable reason.

On Wednesday’s episode of The Tonight Show, while discussing parenting with Jennifer Garner, the host recalled the emotional experience of dropping daughter Winnie Rose, 5, off at kindergarten with wife Nancy Juvonen.

“She just went to kindergarten today,” said Fallon, 43, exhaling deeply. “I didn’t cry. But I did, kinda. I kinda held it in — I didn’t want to be the dad that cries.”

“Did she skip in or did you see her trying to be brave? ‘Cause that’s what I can’t handle,” said Garner, 46, who is mom to three children: Samuel Garner, 6½, Seraphina Rose Elizabeth, 9½, and Violet Anne, 12.

“Just walking to the school made me start getting sad. I was like, ‘I’m not gonna [cry]’ ” Fallon said. “My wife totally lost it. She was crying and she got all the other moms crying. The other dads were cool, so I had to be cool.”

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Jimmy Fallon
| Credit: NBC
Jimmy Fallon and wife Nancy with daughters Frances and Winnie
| Credit: Jimmy Fallon/Instagram

The star then mimicked his actions in front of the other dads at school, obviously struggling not to shed tears, as the audience roared with laughter.

“They’re like, ‘Are you okay?’ I’m like, (shaky voice) ‘Everything’s fine! Have fun, Winnie, have fun at kindergarten! I gotta get out of here!’ ” Fallon joked. “I couldn’t hide it at all, it was absolutely terrible.”

Jimmy Fallon and wife Nancy with daughters Winnie and Frances
| Credit: Jimmy Fallon Instagram

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Fallon and film producer Juvonen, 51 — who celebrated 10 years of marriage this past December — are also parents to 3-year-old Frances Cole.

“I really want them to play outside more than anything because that’s what I did with my sister when I grew up,” Fallon told PEOPLE in May of his daughters. “No iPads, no iPhones. Get dirty, go on the swings and just play and play and play until you’re exhausted.”

And luckily, the girls get along well. “They’re totally pals,” added the children’s book author. “There’s some arguments, but it’s baby arguments. They’re automatic best friends because they’re around each other all day long.”