Jillian Barberie Reynolds expecting first child

Update: Jillian announced this morning on Good Day LA that she and Grant found out yesterday that they’re having a daughter!

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Originally posted December 15th: Good Day LA host and Skating with Celebrities contestant Jillian Barberie Reynolds, 40, is expecting her first child. She is four months along and is due on July 7th, exactly a year after she and husband Grant Reynolds married. Jillian says, "We’re both thrilled…I feel like I’m at a place in my life where I just am really happy. I never thought I wanted kids – I was a career girl all these years! I never thought about it before until him."

Jillian and Grant will be finding out the sex of the baby next week. "My husband thinks it’s a boy…Yesterday I saw him on the monitor and he was boxing! It could be a girl – a little tomboy, which I kind of was."

Jillian was concerned about her ability to get and stay pregnant after hitting 40 and experiencing a miscarriage in 2004. She says, "I was pregnant a couple of years ago with a guy that I was dating, and I thought, well, I’m 38, and I’ll keep the baby because who knows if I’m going to have the chance…When we got married I said, you know, I think this is something we’re going to try at. But [Grant] is very laid back and he said it’s just going to happen. He’s infectious with his positive thinking. And sure enough, it did! We got pregnant on our first try. I’m very blessed. I would have gone the route of treatment if I had to."

Currently, Jillian is experiencing exhaustion, and an aversion to red meat. She says, "I’m a big fan of the protein diet, and since I’ve been pregnant all I’ve been eating is pasta, potatoes, rice, bread..And I used to be the biggest steak eater. I can’t even look at a steak right now. The whole thought of it disgusts me."

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Was there anything you just could not eat or look at during your pregnancy?

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