Since discovering she was expecting her first child, life for Jill Scott has been full of surprises. Faced with a grueling schedule that included 14-hour work days in Africa while filming The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency — made easier “knowing that my son was getting to experience Africa even if he wasn’t really aware of it” — while pregnant, the actress was met with a much more pleasant surprise come delivery day. “I feel like I’ve been reborn. The experience of being a mother is so remarkably special and different from anything else in life,” Jill tells Black Voices.

Despite her rough pregnancy, the proud new mama gushes that life with her son Jett Hamilton, 5 weeks, has been nothing short of “incredible from start to finish.” With a new found sense of inspiration from Jett “to be the best mother that I can be,” 37-year-old Jill can’t help but feel “blessed” by the gift of motherhood. “It might sound clichéd, but I never thought I would have as much love for anyone as I do for my new baby,” she says. “I feel so loving and full of life.”

With her eyes set on becoming a mother, Jill had her expectations for herself set very high. After being raised by “very strong women,” the new mama hopes to have the same influences on her baby boy, teaching him to love both himself and others. “I always hoped that I would make a strong and amazing mother,” she shares. According to Jill, both mother and son are learning together!

Although Jett is still very young, Jill has become all too aware of the reality many working moms face as they try to maintain a balance between their career and their families. While she is adamant about “trying to enjoy it all and try my hardest,” her priorities are quite clear: after having “always dreamed” of being a mother, baby Jett is at the top of her list. “To balance it all will be hard, but my son always comes first and then everything else comes after,” she explains.

Jett is Jill’s son with drummer Lil Jon Roberts.

Source: Black Voices

— Anya