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Updated January 10, 2009 09:00 AM

When it comes to baby weight, ignorance was bliss for Jill Halfpenny. The 33-year-old English actress — mom to Harvey Reece, 8 months — says she didn’t sneak a peek at the scale the entire time she was pregnant with her son. “I’m presuming I put on a few stone,” Jill admits. “I’m at my pre-baby size now, a size 10, which I’m happy about.” She adds,

Jill employed a slow and steady approach to weight loss while allowing nature to “take its course.” Even though she “didn’t eat stupidly” while pregnant, she notes that weight gain is “inevitable;” After waiting three months postpartum, she returned to diet and exercise — including lots of dance moves she learned on the UK’s Strictly Come Dancing. “I cut my portion sizes and made sure I wasn’t eating the wrong things,” she explains. “When you are working out you have a bit more respect for what you are eating anyway. You think, ‘I’ve just been to the gym for an hour, I don’t want to put that crap in my mouth.'”

Calling motherhood “brilliant,” an “incredibly experience” and “the best thing in … life, by a mile,” Jill’s thoughts on pregnancy are not quite as rosy! “Really bad morning sickness” was a “struggle,” she says, while Harvey’s labor and delivery proved to be “very long and painful.” The end result was well worth it, however. Adds Jill,

Harvey is the first child for Jill and her husband Craig Conway.

Source: Mirror