March 03, 2016 10:00 PM

It seems as if Eric Decker and Jessie James Decker have scored a touchdown when it comes to their family of four.

According to the proud parents, the sibling bond between their children, Vivianne Rose, 2 this month, and 6-month-old son Eric Thomas II, couldn’t be stronger.

“They love each other,” James Decker, 27, told PEOPLE at the Jefferson Foundation Awards ceremony in Gotham Hall on Tuesday, where Decker, 28, was honored for his contributions to public service.

“Vivianne is obsessed with him and he’s obsessed with her. She can make him laugh harder than anybody just by looking at him. He thinks she’s so awesome.”

Craig Barritt/Getty

And the Deckers are equally impressed by their talkative toddler, who is almost using full sentences. “It’s pretty amazing. She’s not even 2 yet!” says the mom of two, adding that Vivianne is also responsible for nicknaming her baby brother “Bubby.”

“She started it and now I can’t stop calling him Bubby,” James Decker shares.

As for the newest addition to the family? “Eric Jr. is almost sitting up, but he’s got a bigger head so it’s kinda hard for him,” James Decker jokes.

Decker, who received the award for Greatest Public Service by an Athlete for his and his wife’s foundation supporting veterans and for his role in the Jets’ anti-bullying campaign, adds, “He’s starting to crawl in circles … so he’s getting there.”

— Blake Bakkila and Anya Leon

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