November 30, 2015 04:15 PM

Jessie James Decker had some unlikely help when it came to getting back into a fitness regimen after welcoming her second childSnooki! Yes, that Snooki.

The 27-year-old tells PEOPLE Now that Nicole Polizzi “hooked [her] up” with a trainer when she decided to start working out again, only nine weeks after welcoming son Eric Thomas II.

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“I do want to get back to being healthy, and getting that energy,” Decker says. “I do notice that when I work out I feel better about myself.”

The country star insists hitting the gym is not her number one priority, though.

“We’re just too hard on ourselves,” she contends. “I think we put ourselves up against other supermodels, and I mean, we hold ourselves to these standards that are just not realistic. We just had children, some of us. I mean, I had a baby nine weeks ago and I’m still guilty of being like ‘Does this look okay? Is this fitting a little too tight?’ “

Decker says she is only working with the trainer a “couple times a week,” and she is focused on increasing her “stamina” for performances. The star says, however, she still has to remind herself to take it easy.

“I stop myself, and i’m like ‘I just had a kid,’ ” she admits, adding, “We need to all just take a moment, take a breath, and take care of your child – that’s the priority. Be confident in who we are. We just had a child and that is a superhero power.”

— Lindsay Kimble

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