Jessie James Decker Is 'So Happy' Husband Eric Decker Suggested Having a Third Child

"I look at Eric all the time and I'm like, 'I'm so glad we had him,' " Jessie James Decker tells PEOPLE of son Forrest Bradley, 6 months

Jessie James Decker loves being a mom of three!

The 30-year-old star revealed she and husband Eric Decker are learning to juggle going from raising two children to three after the birth of son Forrest Bradley on March 31.

“We’ve got three kids, we’re busy,” she shared with PEOPLE Now on Wednesday. (The couple are also parents to son Eric “Bubby” Thomas II, 3, and daughter Vivianne “Vivi” Rose, 4½.)

“We just had the new baby so a lot of our attention has been on that. We’re starting to get out of that homebody situation. We’re going to plan more date nights,” the country singer and Just Jessie author says.

“We’re just so tired from the kids — we don’t have night nurses,” Decker explains. “We’re so tired from the babies all night we just want to veg out, take a bath and stay at home but we got to do more date nights. I think we’re getting comfortable now.”

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Jessie James Decker/Instagram

Jessie James Decker and family

But the Deckers wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I will say from one to two was not as hard of a transition as I thought it was going to be. But I had them [17] months apart. This has been the biggest transition, for sure. Because your infant baby needs so much of your attention. They’re so helpless, it’s definitely been a transition,” says the “Flip My Hair” singer.

“But I look at Eric all the time and I’m like, ‘I’m so glad we had [Forrest],’ ” she admits. “I was holding him and kissing him and looked over and I’m like, ‘Thank you so much for suggesting we have a third.’ I’m so happy!”

Jessie James Decker/Instagram

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As for any future plans to expand their family, the mother of three revealed she may be done for now.

“I just popped this one out! I swear, you pop one out and they’re asking about the next one. I’m good with three, I really feel great about three,” Decker says. “I said that about two. We’re not doing anything to make anything permanent. If something were to happen, it’s God’s will. We’re definitely not planning.”

In November 2017, the Kittenish creator opened up about why three is the magic number. “I always knew I was going to be a mommy and because I came from a family of three kids, I always assumed I would have three!” she told Mini magazine.

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