Introducing Allegra Penelope Overton

Australian TV hosts Jessica Rowe, 36, and Peter Overton, 38, who welcomed daughter Allegra Penelope on January 18th, introduced the newborn child. The Sydney Morning Herald has a photo of Jessica holding little Allegra. The baby’s first name, Allegra, is Italian for "glad" and was chosen because Overton was on an assignment in Milan when Rowe phoned to tell him they’re expecting. Her middle name, Penelope, is after Jessica’s mother.

In a statement, the couple says: "We are overjoyed by the arrival of our little miracle. It was the happiest day of our lives and we feel blessed to be a family." Jessica plans t0 return to the Today show after a four month maternity leave.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

Thanks to CBB readers Jess and Corinne.

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