Jessica Lynch, former prisoner of war, expecting baby girl

Update: Baby to be is a girl! Highlights from a new interview include:

-Baby is due in January. Jessica is six months along and has gained 10-15 lbs.

-They have chosen a name, but are not sharing.

-The pregnancy is considered high risk due to Jessica’s injuries (you may remember that she suffered spinal fractures, nerve damage and shattered arm, foot and leg during fight that left her a POW). Baby will be born by scheduled Cesarean due to concerns about the strain contractions and pushing may put on Jessica’s back. Jessica is fine with it though, saying, "I told them I’ll take another scar, another surgery…I’m kind of used to scars by now. One more isn’t going to hurt. I just want to make sure it’s – she’s – healthy."

Jessica has gone off her pain medications during the pregnancy. She says, "I have to suck it up and take a little pain…Mostly it’s nerve pain where the nerves are trying to re-grow, just weird tingling and pain sensations up and down my legs." However, she is continuing with her physical therapy.

-Jessica is reflective about her current situation (she conceived while still recovering, and as a full time college student). She says, "We are trying to take things one step at a time…I know it’s kind of backwards but, you know, it’s how things worked out. It really is just a blessing to find out I actually could have kids with my back and legs and nerve damage. It was really just exciting to know, oh wow, I can carry the baby and still go on with my regular life without having to be hurting too much. It’s a blessing. It’s going to be so much fun."

Source: People

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Originally posted August 24th: Former prisoner of war, Jessica Lynch, 23, whose rescue in Iraq made her a celebrity, is expecting her first child with boyfriend Wes Robinson, 25. In a statement, she says, "I was not sure if this could ever happen for me. Learning to walk again and coping with the internal injuries that I still deal with pale in comparison to the tremendous joy of carrying this child." She suffered spinal fractures, nerve damage and shattered arm, foot and leg when her Humvee crashed during a fire fight in March 2003 in Iraq. Eleven soldiers were killed and six captured; Lynch was rescued nine days later.


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