Jessica Simpson asks to kiss Britney's pregnant belly...?

Although we now know this untrue thanks to K Fed’s denial, Us Weekly reported that Jessica Simpson was insulted when Britney Spears rebuffed her attempt to kiss Brit’s 36 weeks pregnant belly at the Teen Choice Awards over the weekend. Apparently, Jessica asked Britney if it would be okay to kiss the bump, to which Britney replied, "Hell no!" Granted, Britney could have simply declined, but still, why should Jessica be insulted? Britney’s body, Britney’s decision, we say.

CBB reader Victoria asked us to post a poll asking our readers who are soon to be or already moms what they thought when people asked them if they could touch or kiss their belly. Answer away, and share stories in the comments if you’re interested.

Source: Us Weekly

Thanks to CBB readers Mary Beth and Victoria.

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