"She is everything," the Open Book author’s sister Ashlee Simpson Ross commented

By Naledi Ushe
January 12, 2021 07:19 PM
Jessica Simpson and daughter Birdie Mae

Jessica Simpson's daughter Birdie Mae is already taking after her mother's style!

The Open Book author, 40, shared a photo on Monday of Birdie, 22 months, whom she shares with her husband Eric Johnson, and marveled at the little one's looks.

The toddler appeared relaxed in a black and white striped bikini and a Gucci straw hat.

"My beautiful Bird," Simpson captioned the Instagram photo. 

The fashion designer's sister Ashlee Simpson Ross chimed in in the comments section, writing, "She is everything 😍😍😍😍😍."

Meanwhile, comedian Chelsea Handler joked, "I have that bathing suit."

Simpson has recently been opening up about Birdie's personality as well as the little one's relationship with her siblings Maxwell Drew, 8, and Ace Knute, 7.

"My son and her are like BFFs!" she told PEOPLE of Birdie and Ace's mutual adoration. 

In fact, the pair is so close that the youngest of the three's first word was Ace, the mom shared. 

Simpson added that Birdie is "very observant" and friendly to anyone she comes across. "She'll stare you down for a bit and then, 'Hi. Hi.' She's so cute," the doting mom said.

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The toddler's other favorite thing comes as no surprise given her mother's shoe empire.

"Birdie definitely takes after mom... her second word was 'Shoes!' She demands to switch shoes 4x a day, and it doesn't even matter whose- Ace's and dad's size 15's too 🤣," Simpson shared on Instagram in November. 

In another Instagram post from December, Simpson's youngest child sat plopped in a huge pile of Ace and Maxwell's shoes that were laid out on the floor.

"The irony to Birdie's love for shoes is that I was so swollen when I was pregnant with her that I couldn't wear any," the author captioned the picture.

Simpson added, "It's true what they say- the third child gets the hand-me-downs! #BIRDIEMAE."