Expectant Mom Jessica Simpson Breaks the Toilet Seat: 'Don't Lean Back When Pregnant'

It appears the 38-year-old singer has had the furthest thing from an easy pregnancy

Jessica Simpson‘s tough pregnancy does not appear to be getting any easier.

On Tuesday, the “I Wanna Love You Forever” singer, 38, revealed that a trip to the bathroom went horribly wrong when she got a little too comfortable on the toilet seat.

“Warning…Don’t lean back on the toilet when pregnant 🤦🏼‍♀️” the expectant mother, 38, wrote on Instagram alongside a shot of her holding up the now-broken seat cover.

But that wasn’t the only pregnancy-related problem that Simpson shared with her followers on Tuesday.

Jessica Simpson/Instagram

The star also revealed that she has developed severe acid reflux as a result of her pregnancy. Things got so bad for her that she was unable to comfortably sleep in her own bed and resorted to buying a new recliner to get some proper rest.

“Severe pregnancy acid reflux has led to the purchase of my very own sleep recliner 😂🤣🤗” she captioned the photo on Instagram, which featured Simpson — wearing sweatpants, slippers, and a sweater with a fur neck lining — laying in her new cozy chair with her thumb up.

Jessica Simpson. Jessica Simpson/Instagram

Acid reflux occurs when some of the stomach’s acidic contents travel up into the esophagus, often causing a burning pain in the chest area, according to Mayo Clinic.

Being pregnant, however, can also trigger the body to experience acid reflux. Hormone changes cause esophagus muscles to relax and can allow acid to travel back up especially when someone is lying down, according to Healthline.

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The site also reports that acid reflux is likely to happen during the second and third trimester when the stomach is experiencing more pressure from the growing baby and causing food and acid to be pushed into the esophagus.

These two problems aren’t the only unfortunate circumstances that Simpson has experienced while being pregnant with her third child.

Last month, she shared a shocking photo of her very swollen foot and asked her followers to send suggestions on how to get the swelling down.

“Any remedies?! Help!!!!” the singer captioned the photo, prompting a number of her followers to share their experiences and solutions, which included elevating her feet and staying hydrated.

American Pregnancy Association explains that during pregnancy, “the body produces approximately 50 percent more blood and body fluids to meet the needs of the developing baby.”

The swelling, which is called edema, is common in the hands, face, legs, ankles and feet and is completely normal.

Simpson eventually turned to a cupping treatment to solve her swollen foot problem and shared the results of her “SKANKLES aka Skinny Ankles” shortly after.

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson with kids. Jessica Simpson/Instagram

The singer announced that she is expecting her third child — a baby girl — with husband Eric Johnson in September.

The couple, who wed in 2014, are already parents to daughter Maxwell “Maxi” Drew, 6, and son Ace Knute, 5.

Despite the past few challenging months, Simpson recently said she’s pushing through the pregnancy because of how much she’s looking forward to having another one of her “cuties.”

“The one thing that gets me through this pregnancy is knowing I will get another one of these cuties 💚” she wrote on Instagram last week, alongside a shot of her kids hugging in their school uniforms.

Simpson recently celebrated the impending arrival of her little one with a baby shower, where she seemingly revealed the name for her daughter on the way.

In the Instagram images, Simpson and her family pose together in front of a neon sign that reads “Birdie’s Nest,” which left fans wondering whether the couple would be naming their new baby Birdie.

In one image, Simpson — who wore a white lace dress with a green robe — posed alongside her daughter who smiled while placing a hand on her mother’s baby bump.

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Another photo shared by the singer featured her mother Tina, 59, her younger sister Ashlee, 34, and Ashlee’s daughter Jagger Snow, 3.

The “Birdie” theme was also present throughout the rest of the festivities. In a shot from the event’s table settings, Simpson shared an image of a little menu placed at each seat.

“A little Birdie told me,” the menu began, before encouraging all her guests to “stuff your beaks.”

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