June 07, 2010 04:00 PM

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It looks like Jerry Seinfeld isn’t the only comedian in his clan.

“Everyone says Sascha is exactly like me,” said Jessica Seinfeld of their 9½-year-old daughter at the fourth annual Baby Buggy Bedtime Bash in Central Park on Thursday. “But she’s also really funny and very dry and witty, so I think that’s Jerry.”

As for their two other children, Julian Kal, 7, and Shepherd Kellan, 5½, Seinfeld admits her sons may have received some of their parents’ not-so-great traits.

“One of my sons can be a bit cranky, so that’s a little bit of both Jerry and I for sure,” she says with a laugh. “We’re just trying to figure out who’s what, but no pressure on anyone. They can only be who they are.”

However, the one quality both Jerry, 56, and Jessica, 38, want their children to inherit is finding ways to give back to the community.

“Everything you do, your children model after you so I always try to give as much as I can back to other people,” says Seinfeld.

“I hope that makes an impression on my kids and I know Jerry is equally as supportive of charity and any philanthropic work. We hope they follow in our footsteps.”

So which special person will her children be giving back to this June? Their dad on Father’s Day, of course.

“Our gift will have to do with either the Mets or cars,” she laughs. “They’re two of Jerry’s favorite subjects.”

— Jaimie Vaillancourt

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