September 22, 2014 10:00 AM

Veronica Summers/Splash News Online

Jessica Capshaw is in the middle of the terrible twos with her youngest daughterPoppy James.

But despite the phase, the Grey’s Anatomy actress, 38, admits the third time is definitely the charm.

“[She] is experiencing a reckoning of being two that [my] other two [children] did not have,” Capshaw told PEOPLE on Saturday at Twitter’s #TGIT premiere event for Shondaland’s ABC shows.

“So I feel very grateful that she’s my third so I have the wisdom and experience to know it’s all fine and will pass.”

Joking that Poppy has “third child syndrome,” Capshaw — who is also mom to daughter Eve Augusta, 4 next month, and son Luke Hudson, 7 — doesn’t allow much to faze her when it comes to the tantrums.

“When she wants to scream in my face, the way she did a couple times today, it’s all fine,” she shares. “The third child gets to be the squeaky wheel.”

And whether she’s dealing with her day to day life or enjoying a date night with her husband, Honest Company co-founder Christopher Gavigan, Capshaw cherishes it all. “Life is sweet, I’m a lucky girl,” she says.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Matthew Cole Weiss


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