Jessica Alba Says Postpartum Workouts Were 'Horrible'

When Jessica Alba unveiled her body-after-baby in a revealing ad campaign for Campari, it sent tongues wagging. The 27-year-old mom to Honor Marie, 8-months on Saturday, wants you to know that the transformation was not quick, nor easy, however. “[The workouts] were horrible,” she tells the March issue of ELLE. “I cried…And I haven’t worked out since.” Crediting a girdle for her slender waist, Jessica admits that even she has moments of body envy.

“Eight weeks after my girlfriend had her baby, you could see her six-pack. She told me to put an elastic band around my waist — any kind of band or girdle works. She was like, ‘I slept in it.’ I didn’t recover as fast as she did. I don’t have a six-pack — that’s just not my body at all. I’m not completely back to where I was. It’s not the same, but it’s not that serious. I’d rather spend an evening with my baby and give her a bath and read her stories and watch her roll around than go work out in a gym.”

Jessica conducted the interview in the midst of her first extended absence from Honor — she and husband Cash Warren were attending the inauguration while their daughter stayed with Jessica’s parents — and emotions ran high. “It’s been six days,” she admits. “It sucks; it’s the worst thing ever.” Jessica and Cash were able to keep in touch via Skype, but even that technology creates bittersweet moments. “The worst is when you can see her little chubby hands grab the screen, and I’m not there,” Jessica says, before beginning to cry. “That’s a new thing — I never cried before. Just being a mother is making me a big, weepy mess.”

Tears were also no doubt shed during Honor’s birth, which appears to have gone smoothly! Jessica, who used hypnobirthing techniques to deliver naturally, adds,

“Contractions aren’t that bad. If you’ve ever had bad cramps? That’s what they’re like. But that moment when they put the baby on your chest — that’s deep. It’s a deep experience.”

Source: ELLE

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