March 05, 2014 03:00 PM

People are all about puppy love, so Jessica Alba just can’t understand why parents would shy away from smooches with their children.

The mom-of-two admits she sees nothing wrong with kissing her daughters, Honor Marie, 5½, and Haven Garner, 2½, on the mouth — and can’t believe others might find it unusual.

“Really?! Why?! It’s your baby. People allow dogs to lick at their mouths,” Alba, 32, says in the April issue of Redbook.

Despite her success in the spotlight, the actress admits many of her “closest girlfriends” hail from outside of Hollywood — straight from her Mommy and Me class.

James White

James White/Redbook

But even running in a circle of non-famous friends isn’t enough to keep the photographers at bay.

“It’s weird when we’re doing normal mom things and there’s paparazzi around,” she explains. “That’s the only thing that makes everyone uncomfortable.”

And when she’s not hanging with her gal pals, Alba is busy balancing out husband Cash Warren‘s love of fantasy football with her own obsessions: Instagram and bargain shopping.

“I bought my hot pink desk off Craigslist. I have a problem. I love vintage furniture and refurbishing is one of the most eco things you can do,” The Honest Company co-founder says.

“I also got a couple of cool chairs and Danish mid-century credenzas off of Craigslist.”

James White

— Anya Leon

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