Jessica Alba on pregnancy nightmares and changing her lifestyle

Cash Warren, listen up — Jessica Alba has some news for you about her upcoming labor and delivery! When asked at a press conference yesterday how Cash will be assisting her in the birthing process, the 26-year-old actress joked,

He'll do whatever I say. That's what all men do!

With the birth still months away, Jessica is dealing with a side effect of pregnancy — vivid dreams. Unfortunately for her, they're continuing to come in the form of nightmares.

I've had a few of thesepregnancy nightmares. I plan to breastfeed [and I've had nightmares about that]. Last night, it was about stretch marks. I got upat three o'clock in the morning and I rubbed anti-stretch marks creamon my belly. Cash was like, ‘What are you doing?' Whatever my body is going todo, I just want my baby to be healthy. I'm going to give my child asmuch love as possible. That's really my priority.

Click below to read about what Jessica told reporters who inquired as to the baby's sex, and changes she's made to her life since discovering she is expecting.

Wrapping up a European promotional tour for her latest film, The Eye, Jessica repeated again that she is "not telling" whatsex the baby is, but was willing to discuss the changes the cominginfant has brought to her life, including the purchase of a home.

I led a life that didn't include a child. So I'mchanging my lifestyle to include a family. Everything has to change,from the car to the house. I'm enjoying preparing the nursery.

I'm excited. I'm going to love my child to the most that I possiblycan. I have a different perspective on things now. Things that used tobe so important, like my work, aren't as much anymore. Now, it'sfamily.

Career is great but life is about your family andlove. That's much more important than something that can be taken awayfrom you, like if you have 10 movies that bomb in a row. Then you haveno more career. But you will always have your child.

Jessica is due in late May.

Source: Inquirer; Yahoo France

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