Jessica Alba 'paranoid' about nursing, says she's emotional

Jessica Alba, expecting her first child late this spring, spoke with EXTRA about her pregnancy during an interview for her new film, The Eye. Although the pregnancy was an admitted surprise to the 26-year old actress and her fiance, Cash Warren, Jessica says,

It’s quite a blessing and it couldn’t be more perfect timing.

Still, Jessica is experiencing hormonal ups and downs, just like any other mom to be — she’s getting emotional and having odd dreams. When asked how she’s feeling, she replied,

Definitely a lot more emotions! Anything couldmake me incredibly angry or break down crying, and that’s not somethingI’m used to. [I’ve been having dreams.] They only have to do with breastfeeding, which is the only thing I’mparanoid about, more than giving birth!

As for her pregnancy plan and her concerns about baby weight, Jessica reveals that she’s taking a realistic view.

I try and eat healthy as possible, because it’s good for the baby, exercise, as longas I don’t gain too much too fast — that’s the key.

Source: EXTRA

Thanks to CBB reader Mary Beth and Kitty.

Were you paranoid about anything specific during your pregnancy?

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