By peoplestaff225
Updated April 29, 2008 09:00 AM

by Ali Wing, founder, giggle


Jessica Alba always stays in top shape, so why should things be any different when she's expecting? According to Life & Style, she's been doing extra rounds at the gym as of late to ensure a healthy and fit pregnancy.

We have no doubt this Hollywood A-lister will bounce back with bikini-worthy abs in no time. But for days when a little baby bonding sounds better than hitting the gym, we recommend these hot products that will let Jessica make the most of her mommy time.


For those days when Jessica wants to get out and enjoy some stroller time, she can track her progress with a Strollometer. With eight functions, it attaches to the stroller and tracks speed, trip distance, daily mileage — even the time and temperature.


When it's time to hit the trails, she can ditch the stroller and take in the fresh air with the Baby Bjorn Synergy Carrier. Doctors encourage as much "carry" time as possible, but we think even Jessica's personal trainers will agree that carrying her baby is a great ab workout, even when just going to get coffee.


As Jessica's baby gets bigger, she can graduate to the Kelty Transit Carrier, the perfect carrier solution after one year of age. From farmer's market outings to hitting the hiking trails, the Transit Carrier will turn her outdoor time with her 15-plus pound bundle of joy into a workout with weights!

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