Jessica Alba: 'I want my kid to be a nerd'


Jessica Alba says she doesn’t fantasize about her baby, due in May or June, scoring the game-winning touchdown or being crowned prom queen — she fantasizes about 4.0’s.

I want my kid to be a nerd. I want him to be really, really smart and want him to be in the band or orchestra or something. No, it’s just a joke I have with my fiancé. He can’t be cool. Our kid has to be a nerd. If your child wants to be [something], you want to support him and whatever they want to do, but [becoming an actor is] not something that I’d be pushing my kid to do at all. I think it’s important for your kid to find their own way.

As for labor and delivery horror stories, Jessica says that since becoming pregnant she’s been forced to endure quite a few. Fortunately she’s keeping them all in perspective, noting that "none of them really end in like, ‘I would never do that again.’" She adds,

They always end in it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. So, no matter what, it’s always the greatest gift someone has had in their life. Anything can happen and I always try to keep a very positive attitude and hopefully my baby feels that energy.

That positive attitude also extends to her diminishing wardrobe choices. Her previous "tomboy" style of jeans, t-shirts and sneakers isn’t working with her burgeoning belly, Jessica says.

Now, nothing fits.  The jeans, you’ve got the panel so like the t-shirts are all like stretched in the wrong places and my shoes are too small.  Everything is just different.  I’m just all about cashmere sweaters and leggings kinda. 

The biggest surprise of pregnancy so far has been the fatigue, Jessica says, and the 26-year-old admits she’s anxious to meet her baby.

I want it to be here right now. I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like until it happens.

The baby will be the first for Jessica and her fiancé Cash Warren.

Source: Movies Online

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