May 29, 2014 10:00 AM

Even in Hollywood, the start of summer officially kicks off the family vacation season.

And as Jessica Alba gears up for her gang’s annual excursion, there’s one thing the actress won’t be doing — asking for her daughters’s advice on where to go.

“I do not listen to my kids’ opinions. When they pay for the vacation, they get to dictate where we go,” Alba jokes to PEOPLE while discussing The Honest Company‘s new partnership with Target. “Until then, Mom and Dad are in charge. It would be Disneyland every day!”

Instead of hitting up the happiest place on earth every day, the family of four will be packing their bags and heading to their traditional retreat: husband Cash Warren‘s mother’s house in the south of France.

“There’s so much lavender and greenery, she has a couple acres out there so the kids run around and it’s really nice living that country lifestyle for a little bit,” Alba says.

Courtesy The Honest Company

The downtime with Warren and their daughters — Haven Garner, 2½, and Honor Marie, 6 next month — can’t come soon enough. Alba, 33, has been busy juggling the raising of her girls with running her business, The Honest Company, and has come to rely on a strong support system when she has to leave her family behind.

“I feel like I just had the best time with my kids with no distractions and no work this weekend and now I have to go away. It sucks. I want to just be home,” she explains. “I just try to do the best I can and try to surround them with love and support when I can’t be there. It’s tough because you obviously want to be home with them, but it’s also important that we’re here at the company.”

The mom-of-two may be balancing a lot, but the company’s cofounder, Christopher Gavigan, has nothing but praise for her stellar parenting skills.

“It’s important for your kids to observe you and see your example of focus and goals and passion,” he explains. “I know your daughters have that and they see you working here. It’s compromise — there’s no balance. There’s always a compromise and you do your best.”

Making the work-life balance easier is Alba and Gavigan’s kid-friendly offices, which are filled with warm touches that welcome their children into their creative spaces. (And the famous food trucks parked in front of their offices certainly are a big help too!)

“The kids can come in and have lunch with us or they can come in for even 20 minutes [and] we can play with them,” Alba shares. “Whenever they think of ‘Mom’s office,’ it’s a fun place for them to go and they’re excited about where I work.”

But work isn’t the only place their children get a hands-on look at their parents’ project. Both Alba’s children and Gavigan’s kids (Luke Hudson, 6½, Eve Augusta, 3½, and Poppy James, 23 months) with his actress wife, Jessica Capshaw, are big fans of using the brand’s cleaning products in their homes.

“Honor does help me with the kitchen, she loves to clean up. Actually, Haven does too. They can’t wait to get a spray bottle and clean the floor or counter — except they always spray one area,” Alba jokes.

“I’m like, “We have to do the entire counter, not just one tiny spot.’ They like the way that the Honest products smell.”

Neither Alba nor Gavigan can name their favorite product from the collection — but the dad-of-three insists there’s a good reason. “For us, it’s not thinking about which one’s your favorite, but where can we find more across our lifestyle. It’s in the car, it’s at home, it’s at the breakfast table during clean up, how all these Honest products are surrounding us,” he says.

Alba echoes his reasoning, adding, “We can’t live without any of them because it cleans our entire house. It cleans our kids and it cleans our laundry. I still have a baby in diapers and so does Christopher, so we diaper our babies with Honest. It’s really more about the lifestyle aspect.”

And since the line of cleaning supplies is completely non-toxic, the busy mom is happy to let her daughters help out.

Another thing she’s elated about? Her company’s new partnership with Target, a move Alba and Gavigan are more than excited to announce to their loyal customers.

Starting in June, the chain will be the primary retailer for all of Honest’s eco-friendly items, carrying all of the products online and a variety in stores.

“You can pretty much get anything you want [there],” Alba says. “From food to clothing to school supplies and, obviously, your household cleaning items and everything in between. It’s just wonderful that we got to partner with a like-minded company that believes in quality and design.”

Gavigan adds, “There’s such a great element of convenience at Target that we feel was inherent in our brand. We really only work with best in class partners and … we thought that Target was right in line with Honest’s values.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Emma Tyler

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