October 01, 2015 01:15 PM

Talk about an overachiever.

Jessica Alba, who has a billion dollar success with The Honest Company, is back with Honest Beauty, a skincare and cosmetics line focused on safe ingredients to produce radiant looks (and maybe even a bit of the creator’s coveted glow).

“It’s so gratifying to have an idea and see it from start to finish,” Alba, 34, told PEOPLE at Honest Beauty’s pop up shop Thursday at The Grove in Los Angeles. “To have the physical product and now a physical space is really cool.”

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The mom of daughters Haven Garner, 4, and Honor Marie, 7, drew inspiration for the line from her own family tree.

“I discovered chamomile and calendula when I had Honor. They smell good and they take down inflammation. So we put a lot of that in our skincare,” says Alba.

“My grandmother loved aloe. Anytime I had anything wrong with me, she would come in with a green hand and smear it on me. I used to hate it as a kid, but now it’s a fond memory.”

And though Alba says she prefers a “no makeup makeup” look on her days off, she loves going big when the occasion calls for it.

“Whether it’s for moms on the go who want makeup with staying power, or for someone who wants to really go glam, these products can do both,” she explains.

According to the mom of two, the collection can even keep a couple of rambunctious kids busy.

“My girls are in my makeup all day long,” says Alba with a laugh. “They love putting it on me. Whenever they’re fighting, I’m like, ‘Stop yelling at each other and I’ll let you put my lipstick on!’ “

— Aili Nahas

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