"We were making cupcakes and there were sprinkles on them and it was all over the counter. She kept eating sprinkles and I'm like, 'Stop eating the sprinkles. You're going to be sugar, cracked out on sprinkles,'" Alba recalls.

Since the launch of The Honest Company, Jessica Alba has been hard at work educating families about the importance of using eco-friendly baby and home goods.

The actress has also been working with her team to expand the collection with adorable new diaper designs and laundry supplies, which she is introducing through a partnership with GILT Baby & Kids.

“[GILT] is such a fashion forward site so we’re featuring our edgiest designs and our coolest products,” Alba tells PEOPLE of the sale launching Tuesday at 12 p.m.

The latest diapers, which are toxic- and chemical-free, feature fun prints including ice cream cones and lollipops, oversize stars and anchors.

Before our company, [customers] didn’t even have a choice, it was a Disney character that was being shoved down their throat,” says Alba. “I grew up with MTV and tattoos and rock ‘n’ roll and hip hop and I feel like we’re the moms now and there aren’t any companies that are really made for us.”

It’s not surprising that Alba is so passionate about stylish diapering. Known for dressing her daughters in adorable kiddie-chic ensembles, the actress is all about matching 13-month-old Haven Garner‘s diapers to her outfits of the day.

“Some days she wears a little black dress and the little skulls are cute and sometimes she wears a nautical look with the anchors,” the mom-of-two shares, adding she uses both the girl and boy designs on her daughter.

But while Haven may be modeling the adorable diapers — and occasionally chewing on the wipes’ packaging! — it’s big sister Honor Marie, 4, who recently put the company’s cleaning products to the (taste!) test.

“We were making cupcakes and there were sprinkles on them and it was all over the counter. She kept eating sprinkles and I’m like, ‘Stop eating the sprinkles. You’re going to be sugar, cracked out on sprinkles,'” Alba recalls.

“And so I squirted it with our counter spray and then she started licking it with the counter spray on it!”

Although she experienced a split-second of sheer terror, Alba’s worries were quickly washed away. “I had that moment of, ‘Oh God, she’s going to be…’ And I’m like, ‘Wait, it’s Honest. It’s fine!'” she says. “We rinsed it out and obviously it’s not meant for her to ingest, but it wasn’t the same panic moment I would have had if it was any other brand.”

As she continues to add to her plate, Alba is learning to juggle her career — both on the screen and off — while simultaneously raising her family with husband Cash Warren. And although her first priority will always be family, the actress occasionally blends both worlds (Honor helped choose all the products’ yummy scents).

There’s no such thing as perfect and you can’t possibly do everything all the time and that’s okay. I always had this idea of perfection and wanting to be the best mom, the best wife, the best daughter, the best sister or the best friend and the best at my acting,” Alba admits.

“You cannot be pulled in all those different directions. I wish someone would have told me that earlier. It would’ve relieved so much stress. Family comes first — and you don’t need to apologize for it.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Melody Chiu