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Updated January 29, 2010 06:00 PM

Courtesy Siempre Mujer

She’s a third-generation American who only “know the basics” of the Spanish language, but Jessica Alba says she’s every bit Latina as her ancestors.

“God knows that I wish I was raised bilingual. But it wasn’t to be,” reveals Jessica — who explains that her heritage is “in my blood whether I speak Spanish or not” — in the February/March issue of Siempre Mujer.

After being criticized in the media for her comments on the issue, Jessica notes, “I tried to explain to them that in this country I’m considered Latina and, thus, I consider myself Latina as well.” She adds, “I didn’t want to misrepresent Latinos and I didn’t know how to defend myself. But I went to my room and I cried all night.”

Now that she’s a mom, Jessica, 28, is doing everything in her power to avoid having her 19-month-old daughter Honor Marie face a similar fate.

The Spanish language isn’t the only gift she’s hoping to pass down to her daughter. Raised in a household filled with “strong and decisive” women — who still often voice their thoughts on her lifestyle — Jessica hopes Honor will grow to appreciate their opinions.

“[I want Honor to learn to] respect her elders,” she shares. “And to ask for their blessing regardless of their age.”

And if she could change one thing about herself? Despite recently saying she embraces her body after baby, the Valentine’s Day star laughs, “Well, maybe some stretch marks!”

Honor is Jessica’s first child with husband Cash Warren. Valentine’s Day is in theaters Feb. 12th.

Source: Siempre Mujer

— Anya